O3 Breeding Philosophy

The versatile dogs we raise here at Trino Ranch, known as the McNab, were developed in the late 1800’s by Alexander and John McNab, for the purpose of working stock on the ranch. Our mission in breeding the McNab is to preserve and reproduce this exquisite breed with the utmost of care and attention to detail, as was so evidently taken by Alexander and his son John in developing their working ranch dogs.

Fast forward to 2018, a McNab genetic marker is identified, confirming the breed status as officially unique. Since this process is in its early stages and the database of dog samples is limited, we choose to participate in the collection of McNab DNA by submitting our breeding stock for test results. Although this is an important part of what we do, we do not limit our breeding to a percentage-based DNA test result.

We believe it is vital to the integrity of the breed to honor the original goal-set and development style that created the McNab to begin with. In addition to consideration of the lineage of our dogs, we assess each dog before use of breeding stock to ensure
they meet or exceed stringent requirements; possessing the thumbprint McNab qualities such as their unique, loose-eyed stock working style, intelligence, structural integrity, loyalty and disposition.

Due to the extremely limited gene pool of the foundation McNab we maintain an open and inclusive mindset of bringing in outside lines of dogs, with extremely high vetting standards. We believe this is needed to prevent potential inbreeding and thus compromising the structural and intellectual integrity of the McNab breed.

Alexander and John McNab blessed the world ahead of them with a most incredible, loving, versatile breed – and they did so organically. This tried-and-true method of dog breeding will remain our primary approach. Our promise is to the McNab breed: we will give our all in honoring your depth of heart and loyalty by returning it equally in our endeavor to carry you forward for future generations!

~ Matt & Sibbea Browning

O3 McNabs is proud to be partnered with The McNab Stockdog Foundation as a Lifetime Breeder Member!

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